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Professional Grade Epoxy
Garage Floor Coating Kits

Epoxy-Coat’s garage floor coating is the most durable and longest lasting 100% solids Cycloaliphatic epoxy floor coating kit on the market today.

Epoxy-Coat 100% solids floor coating kit is ideal for garage, basement, patio, industrial or commercial concrete or wood floor coating.

If you wish to compare the thickness after dried application between Epoxy-Coat and normal epoxies you would need over 2.5X the gallons to equal exactly the thickness of 1 gallon of Epoxy-Coat Floor Coating.

You can do it yourself in an afternoon and get a beautiful finish on your garage floor, basement, indoor patio, wood floor and even commercial floor coating applications.

In addition to your garage floor coating application, Epoxy-Coat can be used in any room in your house safely, and is ideal for children’s play rooms, bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, kitchens and mud rooms. Epoxy-Coat can be applied in a single coat with the thickness of 5+ coats of paint with no odor and a dry time of 12 hours.

Epoxy-Coat is perfect for rough and pitted concrete floors due to the self-leveling nature and 100% solids non-shrinking formula.

A single coat of Epoxy-Coat will patch and coat all in one application.

Epoxy-Coat floor coating is the most durable and longest lasting epoxy coating kit of its kind, and it outperforms all other national brands.

• Lifetime Warranty
• 10x more durable
• 5x thicker

This is Not a Sub-Standard Water Based Epoxy Kit ; Epoxy-Coat® is the ONLY Industrial Grade Single-Coat Application of its kind!