Epoxy-Coat Customer Testimonials

Testimonials provided by customers that purchased our garage floor epoxy coating kits. To see more photos of finished Epoxy-Coat floors, check out our Instagram or Facebook page!


Metallic Floor Installation


I just finished installing the metallic epoxy coat I ordered from you and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for taking my calls and answering my questions regarding the product install. I would definitely recommend your product to anyone considering using an epoxy coat.

-Suhail M.

Thank you for your support and patience.  Although it was frustrating and nerve racking I tackled the project and I’m very pleased with the results.  As always your products are high quality and the outcome shows it.  I already have friends and neighbors asking about your products.  I will make sure to prompt them as always.

-Adolfo M.

I bought your better kit and installed it myself. It turned out perfect. I used the primer and there were no bubbles on the next 2 coats.

-Toby L

I just wanted to say how impressed that I was with your product.  The application process of the epoxy, flakes and poly was a breeze.  I did the primer in the early morning, the base coat in the late evening and the poly early the next morning.  The preparation was horrible though as I diamond ground the surface.  It took 2 days with pressure washing, allowing to dry and filling the cracks.

That being said, I am so happy that I decided to go with you guys.

I put down the primer, a base coat, 27 lbs. of flakes and a poly coat.



I’m a very happy Epoxy-Coat customer. I did my garage at my house in Oklahoma. I have since moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and would like to do the same treatment to my garage here.
– Mike F.

I just placed an order with you. This is my third garage I have done with your finish and I am looking forward to getting it done. They always look great! I am also planning another very large order to do my hangar.

-Mark L.


I would like to thank your team for incredible service and advice before and during the whole process purchasing and installing my epoxy coat floor system. I have a 2 1/2 car garage (588 sq ft) that had some oil stains. Being a mechanic I wanted a floor that I could do work on and not worry when fluids got on the floor and could be wiped up easy. I created a design and measured the floor in order to purchase the correct amount of epoxy. With the help and advice of your team I was able to order a perfect amount of both colors, clear and flakes to match my expectations perfect. It was a 3 day process starting with the prep of the floor, taping and laying gray then allowing to dry, taping the gray off and laying the black, then the following day laying a clear on the whole floor. With the help of one friend we were able to squeegee, roll and mix the next batch with plenty of extra time before drying. Being in New Jersey the temp here has been 30 degrees one day and 60 the next so I was worried about it drying too fast or slow with the garage door open. No issues. I will say it’s been 3 weeks and I am still waiting on pulling our cars in the garage at least another few weeks. I did bring in the tool boxes, fridge and freezer, so far so good.

I have attached some pictures which include the Kits laid out, the garage before, after gray, and then after black. I am still painting and trimming the molding of the floor.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you again. I have recommended your product to friends and family for future projects.
– Ken Cinalli
1/2 kit gray, Full Better kit Black w clear UV add, Charcoal / Neutral Gray / Medium Gray

At the Port Huron Michigan Welcome Center (currently the only Michigan Welcome Center to have one!)

It may seem a bit unusual that I’m writing to compliment you two years after I applied your product to my new 1,000 sq. ft. workshop / boat garage. I applied your product on Memorial Day weekend in 2013, and with the holiday approaching, I’m reminded of my good experience with your company. I am extremely pleased with the look and durability of the product. Unlike the water based epoxy that the previous owner of my home applied to the main house garage, my epoxy-coat floor shows no sign of wear or stains. Even though the instructions are very clear and the product is easy top apply, I made a critical error and did not apply hardener to the very last batch that I mixed. I quickly realized my error, and made two calls over the weekend to customer support. Both calls were promptly returned, and I was given advice on how to remove the unhardened product and prepare for a new application. The replacement product was mailed overnight to me the next business day and all turned out great. As impressed as I am with the product, the service was even better.
– Bill from Texas

Once again I can claim success with your product. The half kit in addition to the full kit was exactly what this job needed. I appreciate all the help you gave and think you are a true professional that I would like to continue working with. Through referral I have a bit of a lager job as soon as I can get the materials ordered. This current project will be done in the beige base coat, UV clear coat, and mixed beige flake regular size. I need enough to cover 11116.25 square feet net to include side curbing. I look forward to hearing from you, and I will attach a few pics of last project.

RJ Armstrong

If anyone asks us on what we did I’ll definitely tell them to go with your brand. We read that some of the other brands weren’t as good.

– Alison, Pleasanton, CA

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your epoxy system is. Did my 30X48 workshop floor and it turned out beautiful. Thanks again.

– Bruce in Winter Springs, FL

Just wanted to let you know my wife and I put down our floor including the clear coat topping. Instructions were easy to follow and the floor came out better than I could have imagined. Thanks for a great product. I’ve shown pics to my friends and coworkers and everyone is raving about it. I will always recommend your product. Thanks again for making my garage floor look so great.

– Peter, Norcross, GA

Good morning, Just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the product. It is one of the few times in my memory that a product was exactly 100% as advertised. The prep is definitely most of the work, (we diamond ground the floor) the product applies easily, cures quickly and is extremely durable just as advertised. We were driving on it 36 hours after application and it has stood up great! We wash it with an automatic floor scrubber with very little down pressure and a soft brush attachment and it comes up like new. You were very patient with the difficulties we had during the ordering process and we wanted to say thank you for everything. Respectfully,

– Scott Hotaling, Conservative Construction.

Well, my garage renovation project, with a big help from epoxy-coat, turned out great. In fact it’s so nice that I’d like to offer to send you some photos and a couple of short videos that you might want to consider for your website.

– Clark, Palm City, FL

Finished the project and love the finish/product!

– Mike, Haines City, FL

Please send an invoice for the floors. The work is done, and I am super pleased with the workmanship and the great guys you have doing it. They are simply amazing.
If you need any recommendations, use me.
Thanks again for the incredible workmanship and pleasant team you have working for you.

– Jim H.

Well the boxes came, the directions and videos were read, and bam. The most amazing product I have ever used in your category. For sure we are prep freaks as 3/4 of this job is in the proper application of instructions but man your product is super sticky awesome coverage and your kit was so complete I didn’t have to make a trip for anything! Cant wait to do my shed!

Thanks for everything, just thought you’d like to smile today!

– Mike in Naples, FL

Thank you for the high quality product and easy instructions.

– Elizabeth S.

Since this video has been made, the application process has changed. Instead of making separate mix’s you will mix your entire kit at one time. Please read instructions.