Epoxy-Coat Customer Testimonials

Testimonials provided by customers that purchased Epoxy Coat garage floor coating kits

Well the boxes came, the directions and videos were read, and bam. The most amazing product I have ever used in your category. For sure we are prep freaks as 3/4 of this job is in the proper application of instructions but man your product is super sticky awesome coverage and your kit was so complete I didn't have to make a trip for anything! Cant wait to do my shed!

Thanks for everything, just thought you'd like to smile today! :)

- Mike in Naples, FL

Please send an invoice for the floors. The work is done, and I am super pleased with the workmanship and the great guys you have doing it. They are simply amazing.
If you need any recommendations, use me.
Thanks again for the incredible workmanship and pleasant team you have working for you.

- Jim H.

Thank you for the hight quality product and easy instructions.

- Elizabeth S.


Good morning, Just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the product. It is one of the few times in my memory that a product was exactly 100% as advertised. The prep is definitely most of the work, (we diamond ground the floor) the product applies easily, cures quickly and is extremely durable just as advertised. We were driving on it 36 hours after application and it has stood up great! We wash it with an automatic floor scrubber with very little down pressure and a soft brush attachment and it comes up like new. You were very patient with the difficulties we had during the ordering process and we wanted to say thank you for everything. Respectfully,

- Scott Hotaling, Conservative Construction.

Just wanted to let you know my wife and I put down our floor including the clearcoat topping. Instructions were easy to follow and the floor came out better than I could have imagined. Thanks for a great product. I've shown pics to my friends and coworkers and everyone is raving about it. I will always recommend your product. Thanks again for making my garage floor look so great.

- Peter, Norcross, GA

Finished the project and love the finish/product!

- Mike, Haines City, FL

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your epoxy system is. Did my 30X48 workshop floor and it turned out beautiful. Thanks again.

- Bruce in Winter Springs, FL

Well, my garage renovation project, with a big help from epoxy-coat, turned out great. In fact it's so nice that I'd like to offer to send you some photos and a couple of short videos that you might want to consider for your website.

- Clark, Palm City, FL

If anyone asks us on what we did I'll definitely tell them to go with your brand. We read that some of the other brands weren't as good.

- Alison, Pleasanton, CA

Once again I can claim success with your product. The half kit in addition to the full kit was exactly what this job needed. I appreciate all the help you gave and think you are a true professional that I would like to continue working with. Through referral I have a bit of a lager job as soon as I can get the materials ordered. This current project will be done in the beige base coat, UV clear coat, and mixed beige flake regular size. I need enough to cover 11116.25 square feet net to include side curbing. I look forward to hearing from you, and I will attach a few pics of last project.

RJ Armstrong


It may seem a bit unusual that I'm writing to compliment you two years after I applied your product to my new 1,000 ft2 workshop / boat garage. I applied your product on Memorial Day weekend in 2013, and with the holiday approaching, I'm reminded of my good experience with your company. I am extremely pleased with the look and durability of the product. Unlike the water based epoxy that the previous owner of my home applied to the main house garage, my epoxy-coat floor shows no sign of wear or stains. Even though the instructions are very clear and the product is easy top apply, I made a critical error and did not apply hardener to the very last batch that I mixed. I quickly realized my error, and made two calls over the weekend to customer support. Both calls were promptly returned, and I was given advice on how to remove the unhardened product and prepare for a new application. The replacement product was mailed overnight to me the next business day and all turned out great. As impressed as I am with the product, the service was even better.
- Bill from Texas

At the Port Huron Michigan Welcome Center (currently the only Michigan Welcome Center to have one!)

I want to take the time to thank you for your great floor epoxy. It's the only brand we use on the concrete floors we pour. It's looks so good applied to the floors we do. So thank you for the best brand on the market.
- Jeremy E.

I would like to thank your team for incredible service and advice before and during the whole process purchasing and installing my epoxy coat floor system. I have a 2 1/2 car garage (588 sq ft) that had some oil stains. Being a mechanic I wanted a floor that I could do work on and not worry when fluids got on the floor and could be wiped up easy. I created a design and measured the floor in order to purchase the correct amount of epoxy. With the help and advice of your team I was able to order a perfect amount of both colors, clear and flakes to match my expectations perfect. It was a 3 day process starting with the prep of the floor, taping and laying gray then allowing to dry, taping the gray off and laying the black, then the following day laying a clear on the whole floor. With the help of one friend we were able to squeegee, roll and mix the next batch with plenty of extra time before drying. Being in New Jersey the temp here has been 30 degrees one day and 60 the next so I was worried about it drying to fast or slow with the garage door open. No issues. I will say it's been 3 weeks and I am still waiting on pulling our cars in the garage at least another few weeks. I did bring in the tool boxes, fridge and freezer, so far so good.

I have attached some pictures which include the Kits laid out, the garage before, after gray, and then after black. I am still painting and trimming the molding of the floor.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you again. I have recommended your product to friends and family for future projects.
- Ken Cinalli
1/2 kit gray, Full Premium kit black w clear UV add, Charcoal / Neutral Gray / Medium Gray

This is what GREAT customer service and a good product can do. Seven years after the sale I still remember and recommend you. You can find other good finishes but with the customer service you girls give your customers will never look farther!!!

Pass this on to the boss!
- Bill Kinsala, President/CEO, Americase

Here are some photos of our climbing walls.

Byron Shumpert, Hangar 18 climbing gym



Just wanted to let you know how much I like your products. I did quite a bit of research before deciding to go with Epoxy-Coat. I can honestly say that there is no comparison between Epoxy-Coat and any water based epoxy systems.

I must say that I was nervous about applying Epoxy-Coat even after reading and re-reading the instructions and watching the video multiple times. Regardless, this past weekend my father-in-law and I applied 2.5 premium kits to my new shop floor. We simply followed the directions and your products went down flawlessly. The results are simply awesome, I can hardly believe how good it looks.

I did make a couple of call to your support team and they did an excellent job answering my questions.

Thanks so much for proving products that actually work as advertised. I have attached a couple of pictures of my floor pre-clear coat.

Alan R. Stanton


Hello Jenny,

I just wanted to express my satisfaction and gratitude for your Epoxy-Coat product. I had a fairly larger project ahead of me, approximately 1700 square feet to myself! After studying the materials included with the product as well as reading as much about as I could on-line I was ready to start. I took two days to prep the floor with sweeping and scraping, leaf blower for the dust then a power washing followed by an acid wash and clear water rinse. I let the floor dry for a day then started mixing my Epoxy-Coat about 5:30am on a Saturday morning. Working in sections I completed the floor just twelve noon. I had a couple of "bad throws" on my chips where then landed a bit too densely. It was impossible to bounce them off the 14' ceiling :) . But after moving in all my gear, you can't tell unless I point them out.

The floor is super easy to keep clean, either using a broom, dust mop or wet mop. Grass stains, oil, dirt, water easily clean up. The appearance is fantastic and really gives an upscale, impressive look to anyone enters the work space. Without reservation, I highly recommend the Epoxy Coat product, worth every penny.


Bruce B
Emmett, Idaho



I wanted to thank you for helping me with attaining the great results with my Epoxy-coat floor cover. You were most helpful when it came to sizing the job as well as assisting me with the correct amount of material and getting over my fear of messing it up. Once I had properly prepared the floor the rest was as easy as the video commentary taught!. I would highly recommend your company for your epoxy product as I have already!! This IS NOT your home improvement store epoxy!! 

Also when I selected my color choices you recommended applying a clear coat on top which made the entire floor POP! My neighbors literally stop by when walking their dogs and compliment me on the floor. They ask me A) How much it is and are surprised it didn't cost a lot more. I tell them I did it myself. B) They are amazed at how great it looks and is it wet? 

If Black is not your most popular color I am sure as soon as you post these pictures it will become one of the more popular colors. I would however recommend that you tell your customers to use the non-skid pellets since the clear coat is slick when wet. Also, to roll it more to get the 'fisheye' effect out. I still have some fisheye effect but it is not overly noticeable. 

Please feel free to use the photos. 


Joe Haines
Mt. Laurel, NJ 


Attached are some pictures of the floor in our office after we finished. The floor turned out fantastic. Prep work is the key, we used a diamond grinder on the whole Floor to remove old paint. It took a little over 2 hours to put the floor down. The results speak for themselves, two other people came in to look while We were doing it, and they were blown away. I would most definitely recommend epoxy coat to anyone who wants a professional grade floor. What a great product. 

Jim Rhodes
Bulk Plant Manager



Folks, Thanks so much for a wonderful product. The full kit I purchased applied easily and looks great!! It is such a joy to have a product that works as stated. The hardest part of the entire job was opening the buckets(LOL).

Thanks Again............ 
George Chramek



Completed my 40x50 shop floor this past weekend. Two coats. Love it! If you want to view photos, here is a link: 

You are welcome to use any of these photos if you want to.

Best Regards, 
Wayne Kube
Lucas, TX




I just wanted you to know what a great product you have. I used your product almost 4 years ago in my new garage. All the pictures on your site show a brand new floor so I thought I would show you mine after 4 years.

It is amazing it still looks new after 4 years of doing all sorts of auto repair work. You have a great product easy to install. I did it myself with 4 friends. It holds up nice and looks great.

If I ever need to do a concrete floor again, I will contact you. I recommend your product to all my friends.

Don Polacek
Prescott, Arizona
Epoxy floor Coating photo March 15, 2013



I finished applying my Epoxy-Coat this weekend. I am very happy with the results and the product is a true hi gloss epoxy. Not the crud sold at most home improvement stores. This is bringing my garage project close to the end. I insulated it, added electric and a nice forced air furnace. Once drywall and painting was done I applied the floor. I just have some wall base and cabinets to install and paint touch up. 

Etching was the worst part, not hard just took time and longer than I thought it would for the floor to dry. This was in part to water getting into shrinkage cracks down in the crack lines and around the footing wall and floor. I called Epoxy-Coat and asked them what to seal the cracks with before applying the floor. I used a Hi grade paintable caulk as they said to do. I did the same to the wood steps into the house. 

I did have one boo boo at the beginning. I wanted to paint the footing wall around the perimeter and not have color chips on that part. I mixed a small amount in a mixing cup and started rolling it with a 2 inch roller. About 20 minutes into the application the container started getting warm in my hand and BLAM the stuff went off in seconds. (Yep true epoxy) I only lost a small amount, but I changed my application method by mixing a small amount and pouring it on the top of the footing wall and getting it out of the container as the instructions say to do. 

The rest went very well. I applied Tan color epoxy with beige blend flakes as per the instructions and the DVD disc was a big help. I did buy the spiked shoes. I don�t see how you could apply this product without them? You can�t even tell you have walked in the wet epoxy with them on. Just don�t walk on anything soft or you will have holes. The clear was easy but I had a little trouble with air bubbles. The blower method worked for making them pop. 

I did buy additional rollers and some extra cut in brushes since once this stuff cures there is no way it will be cleaned out of anything. Lacquer thinner works well for cleanup of wet product. I attached a few photos. (Didn�t take any before ones) 

Thanks Epoxy Coat for a very nice product and kit. 

Yorkville, IL
Epoxy floor Coating photo November 27, 2011




Your product is amazing I just did my garage floor in August. I am looking to do my parents floor as well. I believe there floor may have a clear sealant on it, can Epoxy coat be applied on a floor with a clear coat. They put something on it a year ago to keep the dust down. 


T. Eicher




I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and customer service I received during the ordering and delivery process. In August I ordered a kit and installed it in my new house. Excellent kit with easy to follow instructions! I am super happy with how the garage turned out and my friends who see it are saving up to do theirs. I was very pleased with the whole process from ordering and tracking to ease of installation. Thank you for providing a quality product with great customer service. 


Erik Jensen 
Camarillo, CA



My wife and I completed the garage and our shop this past weekend. Here are photos I took of the garage. We used a coffee can with a plastic lid to disperse the Flakes. Drilled 3/8 holes in the lid, worked very well. 

The flake colors in the garage:
1. Black Metallic
2. Neon Blue
3. Neon Yellow 

Everyone at has been very professional and very helpful to all my questions. Your product seems to be very durable. Looks neat under black light! The only think I hated to do was the floor grinding, but I think it will give us a longer lasting floor. I researched all the different brands and even though there are less expensive systems out there, I truly believe you get what you pay for and this systems is definitely a better quality than the other systems that I have seen. 

This is our first time laying an epoxy floor! 

Thanks again and best regards, 

M. Landis
Columbia, PA
Epoxy floor Paint photo August 8, 2011



Just wanted to share a few photos... before and after epoxy-coat. 

I recently purchased a home with a guest cottage, both in need of some improvements, but the cottage was quite seriously neglected, including the floors... Thanks to epoxy-coat the transformation is complete.
Epoxy floor Paint photo July 7, 2011



Hello Jenny, 

Just a note from a very proud "garage owner". I contacted you while trying to figure out what my best way to go was with my pitiful garage. Your contractor, Gary Bennett, of G B Interiors, came and showed me why Epoxy-Coat was my best choice. I am SO GLAD!! As a Realtor in South Florida, I see many "bargain" garage paint jobs that are flaking and peeling. Your product is guaranteed for life and now that I have it, I see why. Gary did a marvelous job and I thank you for this beautiful product! Please see my attached photos. 

Sincerest regards, 

Carla Connor, Realtor
Loxahatchee, FL
Epoxy floor Paint photo May 13, 2011



The garage is 30' x 40', and I was wondering how much over my head I may have gotten when I decided to coat the new floor. I prepped the floor with the enclosed acid wash liquid. 

Then, 24 hours later, my oldest friend and I read the instructions, watched the video, and started. We were really surprised and relieved by how easy this all actually went on. We did 3 Full Kits of the beige, with the Sunset yellow, Canyon Red and Autumn Brown flakes. We then waited the 16 hours and applied the 3 Full Kits of Clear. The floor is amazing and just what I was looking for. The kits themselves were so complete; we only needed to have the handles for the squeegee and rollers. I couldn�t ask for a better prepped kit. 

Please see the attached photos. The before photos were taken after the acid wash. The finished photos were taken 24 hours after the clear coat was applied. Now I will be ordering kits for the old garage once I have it cleared out. Thank you to all the folks at Epoxy-Coat. 

Tony Veloudas
Epoxy floor Paint photo April 8, 2011




The result of our floor project was STUNNING. As you suggested, I rented a floor grinder, but used a carbide bit as our concrete was quite old (about 25 years). I got all the dust and grinding chips up and then swept again. After a little nervousness in not knowing what to expect, my helper and I got into a rhythm and we completed the 25 X 25 space in an hour and a half, right on target as predicted in the video. We projected needing 2 days for the whole project, from floor prep and profiling to painting and completion. We did the whole project in just under 12 hours. My General Manager was amazed and thrilled.. Even folks who have used other �similar� products were amazed at how much better this project looked. I have enclosed a before and after picture, but I am sure you get a bazillion of those. I highly recommend Epoxy-Coat. 

Most sincerely, 
P. Conroy 
Assistant Manager 
Regal Cinemas Westminster 9 
Westminster, Maryland
Epoxy floor Paint photo April 5, 2011



Hey I am convinced, over the past 6 years I have painted 3 different garage floors 5 times (4 bad products one good product. Do the math). The absolute BEST floor coating is Epoxy Coat. Currently I am in the middle of a divorce (yes it sucks) but I am worried about my garage floor (priorities). I noticed your referral plan. In my present house (the one I am getting ready to move from) I have epoxy coat. In to a new home (the one I am getting ready to move into). Since I am referring myself to this program would I qualify for the program or better yet can I get a free gallon. I can give you're the information to check your records about my purchase. Technically speaking I want my epoxy coat it is just that I cannot take the garage floor with me. Therefore would I qualify for a free kit? Hint: By the way I would like the beige tint with brown and black flakes. So if you can see it in your hearts to depart with one kit of beige epoxy coat I would be grateful. If it is any consolation any person walking by my house I make it a point to ask them to look and touch my floor (yes I am being literal). So yes I am convinced this is the best product on the market period. 

A. Neely



Hi Jenny, 

As promised here the results of the epoxy floor. We are very, very happy with it and have had several neighbors come in and ask us how we did it. 

I am giving them your email so they can contact you directly. You can use the pictures if you would like. Just let me know so I know where they may show up :-) 

I am ordering half a kit of white epoxy as well, because I want to see if I can use it to paint tabletops! Know it may not work, but I have a good feeling about it. 

Epoxy floor photo February 14, 2011



I have purchased other epoxy products over the last 20 years for use in several automotive assembly plants. Your product is the highest quality I have ever seen. Had I used your epoxy I could have saved 100k a year on floor maintenance. My garage floor looks fantastic and would recommend to anyone that the clear coat top coat is the way to go for a professional look. 

Frank Dailey 
Monroe , NJ



I just completed preparation and applying your product to three bathroom floors with shower for our guest use at our resort. The preparation was a time consuming process but the application and final result was outstanding. Also I want to thank you for all the help provided from tech support. I am all ready recommending your product to our guests who inquire because many of them want to treat their garage floors. 

Bruce Neil



Good Morning, 

I want to quote some kits to coat the floors from the company I work I already purchase one from you and they are very happy with the epoxy coating. 

I want to quote for coat 500 ft and 1400 ft.
I want the quotes separately please. 

Edgar Garza




I am finally finished with the other part of my garage. It's the area that holds the ATV"s and leads from the main garage to the house. I took the theme of a road. The yellow lines actually have your glow in the dark chips so at night the road lines glow. The attached pictures show the before and after. The before photos show the tape layout. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Martin Meeks
Epoxy floor photo October 2, 2010



I used the gray basecoat floor with black, white, blue chips. Filled in the expansion joints with concrete caulk for a smooth finish, then had a couple buddies help me coat my three car garage and shop totaling 883 square feet. Set an egg timer for stir, pour, and flake steps to ensure timeliness. The paint chips prevent slipperiness, but still allow an easy sweep clean. Applying gray wall molding at the wall-floor junctures really made the whole job snap and look professionally-finished. One buddy who helped previously used a water-based epoxy on his garage and stated he would have preferred Epoxy Coat. One thing, though- the sun was setting on the doorways as we were completing the job and beware as it sets up even quicker than you think. The even coloration makes my garage look bigger than it really is. I LOVE MY GARAGE AND SHOP FLOORS and smile every time I go out there. I will definitely recommend to all. Thx for an outstanding product. 

Ronnie LeBlanc
Epoxy floor photo October 2, 2010



Just wanted to tell you I finished a super great job with your products. This was NOT your typical job. I did my KITCHEN floor. Ok listen, I took a chance on this and it worked great. My kitchen floor was "peel and stick" vinyl tile; some had to be nailed down thanks to my yorkiee puppy BENJI who was paper trained in the kitchen. I first sanded the tile with 40 grit on an orbital sander, tack clothed the floor, used half kit of epoxy coating basecoat tan with brown flake, after one week I sanded again and applied half kit epoxy-coat looks great...I have before and after photos if you want. Your epoxy coating is a great choice instead of buying sheet vinyl flooring pasted down from a big box store....thanks! 

Marie Taverna
Epoxy floor photo October 2, 2010



I just wanted you to know what a great product you have my garage floor looks awesome now and I have gotten a lot of compliments on how good it looks. Love how dirt and other stuff wipes right off too. 


Craig Wimmler



I just wanted to let you�all to know I just tried your Epoxy-coating an I really love it for some reason it is not used here very often. But everyone that has looked at the floor can't believe how it looks it is the first time I have ever put it down a little work but if you do it right it sure will be beautiful. Just thought I would let you know that I am very pleased with your product and I will tell everyone where I got it ok. So have a nice day. 

Bob Frederick



I wanted to tell you that I used your product on my garage floor and love it! 

I used the epoxy coat after I saw a friend's garage with your product on the floor - beautiful! I did it myself and I am a 50+ year old woman! 

My floor was a mess! The previous owner of my home used latex paint on the garage floor - 2 coats! Peeling, difficult to clean, dusty and ugly. I had a lot of prep work, power washing, sanding and removing grease spots. 

All the prep work was worth it! Now my garage floor looks like a showroom, my garage is gorgeous! All my neighbor's are envious! This product wears like steel! Expect more orders from my neighbors! 

N. Ballack



Installed your product 3 years ago on our shop floor 5000 sq ft and store 5500 sq ft. great product, was wondering is there a machine and pad that you recommend to keep the shine up? We mop the store and pressure wash the shop area. Any suggestions thanks! 

B. Witzke



After having issues with epoxy coat on my walls (my fault, not theirs) I decided to do my floor and despite my ignorance and best efforts, it turned out nice. I would have to say, it's almost fool proof! Never having done this before, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. 

I poured wrong, got my math wrong, rolled and squeegeed it wrong, threw flakes wrong over-thought the directions (they really are pretty simple) and I still managed to get a nice floor out of it! Black base coat with red, white and graphite flakes!
Epoxy floor photo September 13, 2010



I previously purchase one of your kits, and I was very impressed. I am looking to change colors, only because the blue I got looks a little too purple. I read in your Q & A that I can apply a new coat over my existing one, but was wondering exactly what is meant by the bonding. Are you guys talking about the bonding agent, and the bubbling that occurs? Just wanted to clarify exactly what I would need to do to accomplish this. Thanks. 

K. Frederick



I used your product on my garage floor 2 year ago and it looks great. 

We had some major construction work done and the garage was used for material storage including brick and concrete blocks. 

The garage still looks great, but there are some areas where the surface has scratches or was scuffed by the bricks and sand on the floor. 

I am thinking about re-coating the floor to get the uniform appearance back. What is the recommended prep for re-coating? I did not use the color chips but did use the aluminum oxide. 

Seem like re-coating could be a thinner layer since the base coat is very solid (no pealing at all). 

Love the product. 

C. Hansen




I purchased your product and installed it 4 years ago in my new 4 car garage/workshop. It went on fairly easy, with some planning, and it looks GREAT!! The slab temperature was barely 60 when I installed it, and I have had no peeling, chipping, hot tire issues etc. In fact after dragging floor jacks around, dropping all kinds of tools, showers of welding and grinding sparks, fluid spills of all types, NOTHING has hurt this floor. You have an excellent product! I could not find a good picture of the blue floor color when initially searching for color choices, so I included a before and after shot for your website and future customers. My only advice for your Do-it-yourself crowd would be to get a good metal paint mixer for mixing the coating, and buy some spiked golf shoes for installing the flakes without altering the finish. 

Thanks for a great product and great tech support! 

Jeff Roswell, GA
Epoxy floor photo August 27, 2010



floor photo August 20, 2010Dear Christine, 

You have been very helpful, thanks so very much. Our garage floor is 37 years old and look how pretty it looks. I told my husband we should rent it out for weddings. 

M. Christy
Fountain Valley, CA



floor photo July 26, 2010Jamie: 

Received the 'touch-up' kit and it worked perfectly. I am so pleased with the results, as it looks incredible. There is NO comparison between this and the 'other' brands that I have seen.........this is far superior! Many neighbors have come around to see it, so I am hopeful that you will hear from them soon too. Thank you again for all your is appreciated. 

I am sending you some 'before and after' photos in the taupe color so you can see for yourself the results. More will be included in 2 other e-mails, following this one with other 'shots'. Feel free to send them out to others and/or have them contact me directly. All I can say is positive comments about you, your company and your product. 

All the best,
George Prattes



floor photo July 2, 2010Hi Jamie, 

The epoxy floor is finished!
Thanks to all of you for a great product. We started at 8AM (90 degrees temp) and finished at 1:30PM (94 degrees temp). I gotta tell you at those temps that epoxy doesn't provide much of a work window but I went into the work with that in mind so all was well. I just thought you might like to see the result of a job. 

Thanks again,
Tom Hagerman



Just want to let you know my 3 car garage came out great!!!! The blue color was much darker than is shown on your chart but it turned out fine. As advertised I have had no "hot tire pickup� returned home yesterday from a drive from San Diego thru Yuma (110) and phoenix 109 with some really hot problems...

J. Dalton



I purchased your product and finished my garage. What a great product! It looks great and the instructions were easy to follow. I know 18 hours for light and 24 hours for heavy foot traffic. When is it ok to roll my race car back inside the garage?

Thank you!

D. Markos



Great product, I just bought 7 full kits from u guys I was really impressed with your product, first time I used it, I was doubting your product at first but all changed after I applied it. I would like to know how to get some type of catalog of your product, or samples. 

Thank you!

JKA Handyman Service,
Los Angeles, CA 90001.



floor photo 4Hey Jamie, 

Your product directions were straightforward. The application of them, along with your product were actually quite simple. Epoxy Coat, and the results of using it, were brilliant. My daughter's room came out amazing! So amazing that I have two garage floor requests in the spring. 

Thank you so much,
Philipe Landru



floor photo 5Hi, here are some photos of your product. We build emergency vehicles and after a lot of research we found that this was the best product for heavy vehicles or just light foot traffic. The main key was a clean floor which was easy since it was all mew concrete. You can use the pics for advertising if you wish. if you want i will have a ladder truck in soon also and could send you a pic of that as well. Maybe you could just put a little note provided by 911 Rapid Response.... 

Respond Safe,




floor photo 3What a nice job! 

Just finished assisting a friend of mine (Peter Murray) who bought one of your kits and we are impressed. We did not expect the results we achieved with your product. Preparation was the important part. After that we tackled the epoxy the next morning and within a matter of hours we were finished and ready to eat lunch off of the garage floor. You have an excellent product and your instructions are excellent. 

P.S. Have attached a few photos for your use.



Thanks for sending out the paint flakes to me so fast. I think you had them here the next day! They worked great. I painted the floor black with the white and red flakes. It looks AWESOME!!! I over estimated how much I would need however. I still have a bag of white and a bag of red paint flakes that are unopened. Can I return them for a refund? Please let me know if I can and what I need to do. Thanks. Merry Christmas! 


J. Kujat



Dear Jamie @ Epoxy Coat,

I just want to say thank you for working with me and helping me out with a problem that was my fault. Your willingness to help customers is outstanding and enough to have me recommend to anyone contemplating using an epoxy finish. In addition, I would like to add that my garage floor looks fantastic. 


F. Obermaier
Glen Gardner,NJ



floor photo 2I want you to know the Christine McGuire is a valued asset to your company. I recently purchased the Epoxy Coat product from the website. I had some issues with the color that was originally sent, but I called Christine on Saturday and she was so helpful. I was in a panic to get the project completed before I went out of town. She got the correct color sent out immediately. I received the replacement within three days. I could not have asked for any better service. Please be sure that she knows that her hard work is greatly appreciated. 

Also, I love the product. After the prep work, my husband and I put it down in about 3 hours. It worked great and the finished product is amazing. I have attached a photo of the finished product. 

Thank you!

L. Bonet



floor photo 1Just applied Epoxy-coat to my garage floor and it looks incredible. I attached picture of finished product. I just purchased this home about 2 months ago (new construction) and the contractor had placed down one of those "epoxy" coatings you purchase at local hardware store. The day that we closed on the house, and parked the car in the garage the tires pulled up the coating immediately. Since then I had to rent a floor grinder to scrape up the old epoxy, and prepare for a real product. I am excited to see how it turns out after full cure. Just emailing to let you know product was very easy to install, and customer service answered all questions that arose. Also as I was installing the developer of my up and coming neighborhood stopped by to find out what I was doing in my garage, he loved how it looked and copied down Epoxy-coat information so that he can install Epoxy-coat in the homes in the neighborhood. 

Great product!

J. C. Nicely



Hi Jamie,

I received my Epoxy-Coat sample, thank you.

You had expressed some concerns about not knowing how pool chemicals would react to your product. Here are some things I have done with the sample so far with relation to my pool predicament. I used a two part epoxy to glue three 3" PVC pipes to the sample and filled the tubes with common pool chemicals in their concentrated forms. In one pipe I tested a 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution (liquid chlorine), in the next I tested muriatic acid which is 31.45% hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid) in water, and in the third I tested pure (100%) cyanuric acid (chlorine stabilizer), a liquid pool water clarifier (ingredients unknown) and 68% calcium hypochlorite (a powdered rapid pool chlorinator). After seven days the 12.5% sodium hypochlorite solution caused the test sample to discolor to a light yellow color, similar to the color of the concentrated solution. The muriatic acid etched into some of the epoxy flakes on the sample slightly but did not appear to have any effect on the coating itself. The collection of 'other' pool chemicals deposited some scale on the sample but did not seem to harm the sample in any way. 

I am satisfied enough with these results to start repair work on my pool in preparation for coating the pool in Epoxy-Coat. I will probably order 2 full kits in the next week or so after I have patched some holes. 

Thanks again for your help,
J. Armstrong



Hi Jamie!

Just wanted to let you know that my garage floor turned out great! I really appreciate the help from you. I just got home from work (evening shift sucks!) and parked my truck in the garage for the first time and was very happy. I've gotten alot of compliments. Keep up the good work, and thanks again! 

R. Bock



I suggested we have a party for my 10yr olds winning baseball team in the Garage yesterday. My wife flipped at the Garage part at first, and then all of the compliments started flying. All of the ladies at the party kept telling their husbands that Bill did it himself.... nothing to it, Ladies. Anyway, my stock is up pretty high in the neighborhood and you should get � dozen sales out of it as I have whipped your garage floor paints website around to those that asked. Now my wife wants a ping pong table and to hang some pictures in the garage. Looks like your $300 Epoxy Coat garage floor coating is going to cost me $1,000!!! 

It is really beautiful.
Thanks, again.

Bill R.
Oak Brook, IL



Hello Mr. Epoxy-coat President, 

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate Jamie. The very nice lady that answered all my questions. I have purchased your product and done my garage this past weekend. Jamie answered every question I had. In my opinion you have a very fine employee. As you don�t see this often in this day in age. I truly think she needs rewarded! I hope you do so!

What a great product you have and a GREAT Employee!

1 garage flooring down many more to go!

T. Robinson
Denver, Co



My wife and I own a boarding kennel and raise our own Labrador retrievers. We built our first kennel about seven years ago. We thought out every detail from stall drains in a gutter sloped to one end of the building to having the right slope for each kennel stall. I came up with the idea for each stall to have a ten foot run outside. The door opening was designed with rollers on the sides that lift up and latch securely so in the summer the dogs can come and go as they please. Well, we thought we had everything covered. Never imagined that over this seven year period we had to paint and paint and paint until we were sick of it. All in all we put at least ten - twelve coats of paint on our kennel floor. We both started looking for another type of covering for our floor. We found the product called epoxy coat. What a savior this was. We stripped off the old floor paint and followed the easy to use instructions and now we have a floor durable enough to be hosed daily and sanitized daily without worry. The look is so attractive and the folks at epoxy coat were very helpful. We would recommend this product to anyone with a kennel like us that our at wits end trying to figure out what to put on your floor. This product is it, as you need not look any further. 


Doug and Lori
Copper Creek Kennel



Thanks for your tips on the phone, your product was fantastic, everything was exactly as advertised! Please see the couple before and after pictures attached. It was incredibly easy to mix and apply and even out, each section blended perfectly. WAY better than the Rustoleum product I used in our basement shop. Feel free to use these comments/pictures on your web site, I will definitely recommend Epoxy-coat to anyone looking to epoxy their concrete. Thanks again.




I received my 3 kit order of Epoxy-Coat on 5/23/2008, opened all three kits and checked lot numbers to make sure that they were all the same per the instructions. I spent all day on 5/24 prepping the floor and let it dry for 2 days. I started at 0930 on 5/26 applying Epoxy-Coat. I was truly amazed on how easy it was to apply. Following the instructions on every step all went very well. I finished the 1400sf garage doing the work by myself (and by the way I'm 66 years old), in seven hours. My wife was amazed on how well the floor looked. Before I decided to purchase Epoxy-Coat, I spent several hours on the computer researching different brands, I'm sure glad that I purchased Epoxy-Coat.

I am very satisfied with your product. Thanks!




I've just purchased and applied Epoxy-Coat to my 1100+ sq. ft. garage and WOW, what a difference. I live in a high-end condo complex and my garage floor is the envy of all.

Thanks for the great product and I really enjoy showing it off to all my neighbors and friends...

B. King
Wenatchee Washington



On behalf of my wife Cheryl and myself, we wish to thank you again for the outstanding job your company did in coating our garage floor. Never has it looked better and the outcome far exceeded our expectation. Your install team was both professional and courteous, left the job site clean and answered all of our questions regarding the install. My only regret is that we did not have this done sooner.

I also wanted to thank you for the service you provided. We had a lot of choices when if came to product and installation, we�re glad we chose Epoxy-Coat for our garage. Feel free to use us as a reference and again thanks for a job well done.

Wayne M.
Buffalo Grove, IL



Good Morning, My floor has been down now for one year and I am still thrilled every time that I look at it. There has been no deterioration in the shine and the smooth surface is as good as it was the day that I put it down.

In the year since I have done this I have helped three neighbors and friends put the floors down in their garages with the same excellent results. All that a purchaser has to do is to prepare the floor as you instruct and they will also end up with a floor that they can be proud of.

Thank you so much for this product.

D. Orbin



My epoxy-coat has been installed for 6 months now in my garage. Through the winter I have washed it down several times just with a garden hose and broom. All the salt, sand, gravel, and what ever else that came off my cars during the winter washed up with little effort, and looks like new. Even the rust marks came off with a little lacquer thinner. Can't tell you how pleased I am with your product.

Ron S.
Sales Engr. Dept



We recently used your product on our garage floor with awesome results! Everyone who has seen the floor is in love with your product! We cannot praise your product enough and the best customer service that we have ever experienced! Jamie was patient and went beyond our wildest expectations in answering and offering help over the phone.

We have strongly recommended your product and company to everyone we know. Thanks again.

Jim & Candace



Just a short note to let you know how satisfied I am with the Epoxy floor covering. We needed three kits to cover the 1200sf shop. we applied the epoxy to "new" concrete. We coated the floor after the shop was completed. Before anything was on the floor this made it easier as the floor was clean.

The shop is located in Luna, New Mexico at an elevation of 7000 ft. We will be moving there from California in about a month. Furniture will be stored in the shop while we build our retirement home. Then shop will be used to build custom / replica street rods. Any one wanting to see flooring is welcome to stop by and look.

Nathan Swapp



I have recently finished coating my 3 car garage, with your Epoxy-Coat kits. It was much easier than I thought to install, and the coated garage floor now looks like �A Show Room�what a difference, Clean and so much brighter. My wife can�t believe the improvement.

Jamie and your staff answered all of my questions, prior to installation, which made me feel confident when I started. Having all of the product and tools in kit form made it a �No brainer� I will now help my friends with there installations.

Thank you all, you have a great product.

Ron S.
Sales Engr. Dept.



I followed your directions and it worked out great. My garage looks awesome! Your pictures on the web site do not do your product justice. You guys delivered way more then you promised. Thank you again!


K. M. Ebner



I purchased 1 and 1/2 kits of your epoxy for use in a men's and ladies restrooms and an outside covered/enclosed patio.

This epoxy is a excellent product. It flows and levels even better than we anticipated or expected. How refreshing to buy a product unseen and have it perform even better than we expected. We are completely satisfied with the finish and have had many members of our club bragging on us about how good a job we did. We did not mention that the product almost puts itself down. It is very easy to work with.

J. Bolin



I applied the epoxy-coat to my double garage floor, and it looks great. I have had many compliments on the way it looks from friends and neighbors.




Sir: We used your product Epoxy Coat for the first time on my garage floor - What a difference it has made, this product is great, was easy to apply and best of all No harsh vapors, chemicals or other to worry about , a Safe product to work with. We can not believe the difference it has made.

Your Product Epoxy Coat done what you say it would do.

My garage floor was nasty looking and now a 100% New look.

Wish I knew about this years ago, it�s Great.

D. Capell



To whom it may concern:

I am a fan of your product, I first used the quikrete epoxy garage floor paint on my basement floor and did it in the light blue and ordered paint chips online to match what I wanted you didn't have the blue paint chips mixture at the time and now I see you do that is great and it was alright at the time that you didn�t have a selection of colors, well my basement floor turned out awesome thanks to your product, then I didn�t know what to do about my basement stairway, I wanted it to match the floor, so I called your company and they explained to me that I couldn't use the epoxy on wood because wood has a tendency to contract and expand and said it would crack, and said I should probably get an enamel or latex, so I primed the stairway, then painted it and sprinkled the flakes on the stairway and the entire floor and stairway looks like linoleum, looks beautiful.

So then I wanted to do my from porch the same way so I cleaned it got all the old glue and everything off it from the indoor outdoor carpeting, patched the big and small holes in the cement , prepped it with the cleaner.

I painted it the pretty green you have in the Garage floor epoxy and sprinkled it with the flakes and it also turned out beautiful, I have an awning over the front porch so I feel it should be protected on the most part from any bad weather. It grabbed the cement well!

I want to thank you for the products you have out there and will recommend it to anyone that wants to do there garage, basement or another area that they want to paint that is cement.

You have a wonderful product.

Mrs. S. Lord
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