We recommend purchasing an additional kit if selecting Safety Yellow, Bright Red, White, or Light Gray

Our standard Premium kit is even better than what is used by our commercial customers (Ex. facilities like NASA, UNITED STATES NAVY, UNITED STATES AIRFORCE, UNITED STATES MARINES, UNITED STATES ARMY, GENERAL MOTORS, FORD MOTOR, CHRYSLER, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, DISNEY, MGM CASINOS AND STUDIOS, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, HONDA, CATERPILLAR, LOCKHEED MARTIN, BOEING) on the most demanding floors.  Epoxy-Coat Premium kit is a single base coat, over 3x the flake chips as our standard kit and Epoxy-Coat clear top coat Cycloaliphatic 100% solids epoxy made for high wear chemical and compressive resistance.  This product will on a properly prepared floor bond to concrete better than concrete bonds to itself.  It will resist hot tire pick up and staining as a result of gasoline or chemical spills.  This kit will both patch and coat in a self-leveling application 10x thicker than a normal epoxy coating. The clear coat in the premium kit will resist visible scratches better than the standard kit.

Premium kits come with basecoat and clear coat.

If you’re looking for a thicker, more scratch resistant Epoxy-Coat floor we recommend adding polyurethane

coverage is 500 sq. ft. at 19.4 mils

Item number: premium-full-kit

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17 Colors
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74 Colors
74 Colors
74 Colors
Do you need application tools? +$15.00
Primer +$149.95
Polyurethane +$179.95
Add Spiked Shoes +$29.95
Rush Order +$10.00
UV Additive +$22.00

Earn up to 62 Epoxy Bucks.

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