The Best Full Kit comes with base coat, a clear top coat, and enough flakes to cover the entire floor.

coverage is up to 500 sq. ft. at 40 mils

We recommend adding Poly 200 for a thicker, more scratch resistant and UV resistant epoxy floor coating.

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Best Full Kit

$ N/A

Application Tools IncludedApplication Tools Excluded

1 Option
4 Colors
7 Colors
Do you need application tools? +$40.00
Primer +$134.95
Performance Poly 200 +$214.95
Rush Order +$10.00
UV Additive +$22.00

Earn up to 82 Epoxy Bucks.


Best Kits

Epoxy-Coat kits are all made with the highest quality epoxy coating chemistry available. These kits are the exact formula we sell to approved contractors for use at Ford Motor Company, NASA, US NAVY (Aircraft Carriers and various warships), US Airforce, Chrysler, General Motors just to name a few.

The flake to rejection Best kits offers a clear top coat with enough flake to broadcast over the base coat to rejection. Once flaked the epoxy base coat will not show through. A completed flake to rejection floor will outperform good and better systems due to the fact that adding flake to rejection will increase the thickness to nearly 1/16" total. This thicker floor will hide most imperfections and will appear monolithic.

Adding this flake is compared to adding aggregate to concrete, which adds added strength against peeling and chipping. Scratching will show much less over time and wearing properties will be greatly increased. This is a perfect system for any concrete/wood/metal surface including outdoor applications. If the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier (the largest warship in the world) uses this system from Epoxy-Coat on its decking surfaces you can be assured it will perform well in your garage.


With UV protection

Performance Poly 200 is recommended where very high UV resistant is desired with exceptional mar resistance. This is the only product we recommend as a top coat for exterior surfaces exposed to UV. Contact us today for details!

Whats inside

Best Full Kit Includes

  • 2 Gallons of Epoxy-Coat® Part A Color
  • 1 Gallon of Epoxy-Coat® Part B
  • 3 Gallons of Epoxy-Coat® Part A clear
  • 1.5 Gallon of Epoxy-Coat® Part B
  • 100 Lbs. Decorative flake
  • 0.25 Lbs. of aluminum oxide non-skid
  • 9 oz. of Prep Solution

Application Tools

  • (2) 3" Brushes
  • (2) 9" Roller Covers (3/8" Nap)
  • (2) Squeegees
  • 16" Mechanical Mixer
  • Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • Spiked Shoes
  • (2) Mixing Sticks
  • Reusable 6, 2, and 1 gallon containers w/lids

Best Full Kit

  • 3 Boxes
  • Shipped on a wooden pallet

We use Fedex Ground

Shipping Policy for Epoxy-Coat DIY Kits

We need a total of 6 days from order to delivery to the customer. Epoxy-Coat products do not ship on weekend

For large orders

Freight Shipping

All commercial kits and residential kits that are over 250 lbs will be shipped out on a pallet. It takes 3-5 business days to build bigger orders.

Once a driver picks up the shipment, we will be given tracking information.



Epoxy-Coat is a 100% solids Cycloaliphatic epoxy, making it ideal for garage floor coating, basement floor coating, patios, and industrial or commercial concrete floors.

100% solids epoxy is a term used to describe the volume of solids in a coating system. It’s what is left over after the epoxy floor paint coating dries.

100% solids will yield 100% dried material after the floor coating fully dries. For example, 50% volume solids will yield 50% of the thickness after the floor coating fully dries.

  • Large-scale industrial and commercial floor resurfacing and floor coating application projects
  • Residential garage, patio, and basement epoxy concrete floor coatings
  • Professional installation or Do-It-Yourself applications for all residential commercial or industrial floor coating applications
  • Interior countertop resurfacing
  • Wholesale and volume epoxy sales available
  • Technical and installation assistance for all customers, 365 days a year
  • Our patent-pending technology and Kit is exclusive to our industry



Our products and solutions have been trusted and depended on by some of the biggest companies and government agencies in the country. In various industries and professions, our floor coating solutions have been used and widely appreciated by many.

Our list of Epoxy-Coat clients includes many prestigious companies that have had nothing but good things to say about us. Below, you will be amazed by the major companies we have done incredible work for.

Base Colors

Rejection Flakes