PODS Discount

We’ve partnered with PODS® to make it even easier to install your Epoxy-Coat floor!

We understand that having to clean out a room and store the contents elsewhere in your home or outside can be a real barrier to renovating your old basement or garage floor. Depending on the condition of the original floor preparation, application, and drying may take several days. During this time you would have to keep the boxes and equipment from your garage inside your home taking up space, outside at the mercy of the elements, or unsecured on your driveway or lawn.

Don’t take a chance with your belongings–store them safely and securely in a PODS® container while you prep and apply your Epoxy-Coat floor coating. 

You can choose what size container will best fit your needs and it can be delivered to your home or business for convenient, hassle-free storage.

Call (855) 298-3692 or visit PODS.com to save 10% on your PODS container using code: ‘RETRSAV’

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