When you purchase your garage floor epoxy from Epoxy-Coat, you will get most of the tools you will need to complete your project. We will send you an epoxy kit with your epoxy, mixing stick, squeegee, acid etching powder, rubber gloves, epoxy installation DVD, paintbrushes, rollers, decorative epoxy chips, a cleaning solution, and other items for the job. Additionally, you may choose your epoxy in a variety of colors. Epoxy-Coat does everything we can to get you set up for your garage floor epoxy project, but additional items are required for some projects.

For example, you may want to get a caulk gun to fill any cracks, holes, joints, and seems in your concrete floor. Doing so can give your garage floor a better look and help your epoxy coat adhere better. Some other additional tools may include an air compressor or backpack blower, a deck brush to scrub your floor, and a long stick for hard-to-reach places. Before you install your garage floor epoxy, you need to prepare the floor.

Prepping Your Garage Floor

After you’ve gotten all of your tools together, start by applying some water to your garage floor surface. If the water soaks up right away, then your garage floor epoxy coat will adhere. However, if the water pools up, you may have a problem, and you may want to consult a professional as opposed to DIY.

Remember, the garage floor must be thoroughly clean before installing your epoxy. Use Epoxy-Coat’s cleaning solution or a strong degreaser to get dirty and greasy areas clean. Epoxy-Coat products are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

Acid Etching

Be advised and use caution when acid etching. We supply you with rubber gloves, but you may also want to use rubber boots, a respirator, and safety goggles. Do not use a metal container to disperse the acid solution because acid reacts to metal. Spray your acid solution on your garage floor and scrub it in with a deck brush. Once finished, spray and squeegee your floor to remove debris. Don’t worry about the acid. Once it comes into contact with your concrete garage floor, it has a chemical reaction and turns into salt. Using a wet vac to remove the grit is also advisable.

Time for Your Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Once your garage floor is completely dry, you may apply your epoxy. The epoxy comes in part a and part b, and both parts must be mixed to achieve the desired chemical reaction. Allow your epoxy to sit for 30 minutes after mixing before using. However, be sure to use it fast and don’t mix more than you need at one time. After mixing, your epoxy is only suitable for 2 hours.  For more information about your garage floor epoxy installation, visit our website or give us a call.  Epoxy-Coat specializes in garage floor epoxy, and we have a stellar technical support hotline to help you 24//7.

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