Are you considering a self-apply metallic epoxy floor coating for your garage, basement or other application? If you’re recent search for the best product has led you to Epoxy Coat, you’ve most likely seen numerous products before you landed on these pages. Take a few minutes and discover what makes Epoxy Coat the most affordable, reliable and longest-lasting flooring coat on the market today.

Epoxy Coat:

– Maintains its durability for 20 years
– Is the easiest self-applying epoxy around
– Is 5 times thicker than the competition
– Comes with a lifetime warranty
– Has the most units sold of any epoxy floor coating company in the industry

Epoxy Coat is perfect for any concrete or wood floor application, and can even be applied over linoleum. Applications are simply endless and can be used for garage, patio, basement, industrial, commercial or residential surfaces. If you have a few hours, you can self-apply Epoxy Coat and achieve professional results without hiring a professional.

Have a free afternoon on your hands? You can get a beautiful finish on your floor. Epoxy Coat is quick and easy to apply to your children’s play room, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, mud room or any other floor in or out of your home. If you’ve been searching for a solution to a pitted or rough-looking concrete floor, the self-leveling nature of this metallic epoxy floor coating is the perfect solution. Epoxy Coat is non-shrinking and dries with 100% volume.

You won’t find a more affordable product on the market that can cover like Epoxy Coat. With so many options to choose from, you’re assured to get the right kit for your size of project. Choose the ‘Half Kit’ for just $189.95 and cover 250 sq. ft., the equivalent to an average single car garage. The $294.95 ‘Full Kit’ covers 500 sq. ft. and will cover your two – two and a half car garage with no problem. Keep in mind, this is not a typical water-based metallic epoxy that will need replacing after a year or two- this epoxy floor coating comes with a lifetime guarantee.

You’ll love how easy it is to apply Epoxy Coat. Their simple, all-in-one application will allow you to complete an average size project in a few hours. Your kit will come with everything included, including the epoxy prep solution, metallic epoxy flakes, aluminum oxide, a squeegee, the instructional booklet, a DVD and much more.

Choose the number one metallic epoxy floor coating on the market and discover why so many customers before you have the satisfying results to show for making the right choice. Feel free to take advantage of the online resources available on the Epoxy Coat website; read more about the installation process, enjoy the blog articles, view the photo gallery or read more about the product.

Epoxy Coat is made in the USA and offers exceptional value for the cost. If you have questions that require immediate answers, please call an epoxy floor coating specialist at 800-841-5580.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating


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