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Garage Floor Kit

Painting your garage floor has never been better than it is when you use our Epoxytech garage floor kit. EpoxyTech provides the best and most durable garage floor epoxy paint on the market. Our paint is different than others because we use 100% cycloalphatic solids, which are stronger and bond better than other types of epoxy. Our products are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use. If you are going to spend the time to paint your garage floor, use EpoxyTech so you won’t need to repaint it again anytime soon.

The EpoxyTech Difference

EpoxyTech has spent years developing high quality epoxy paints that are superior to others. As a result, our epoxy is stronger and more durable. Our epoxy garage floor paint is 5 times thicker than standard epoxy. It can easily cover over and fill some of the minor imperfections in your floor and dries to a gorgeous glossy shine.

Our epoxy is 3.8 times stronger than concrete so you can expect it to last a long time. While other paints wear away and peel, our paint is guaranteed not to crack or peel. The finish is resistant to salt, solvents, gas, oil and acids. It cleans up beautifully and is dust proof and has antimicrobial properties. It also has a non-skid surface.

This is the most advanced epoxy garage floor kit you can buy. It leaves a showroom finish that is perfect for garage floors as well as for patios and basements. Our products are made to be used in industrial settings and many companies have been using them including GM, Ford, Boeing and Virgin, to name just a few.

EpoxyTech Installer Garage Floor Kit

Our Installer garage floor kit includes everything you need to paint your floor. The kit contains our exclusive epoxy, mechanical mixer, mixing bucket, acid etch prep, 45 grit non-slip oxide, decorative flake system, trim brush, roller cover and squeegee. It also includes an instructional video to help you properly use our products. We also offer assistance and answers to your questions online.

The Installer garage floor kit is available in two sizes. The full kit will cover 500 square feet which is equal to a 2-1/2 car garage. The half kit covers 250 square feet or a 1-1/4 car garage. We also offer 15 gallon and 165 gallon drum kits for industrial use. We are also happy to create a kit of any size that you need. We also offer special pricing for volume sales.

We also offer a number of other kits and products to assist you in repairing and finishing your garage floor. These include crack and patch kits, primer kits, clear coats, metallic epoxy systems, installation spikes and professional grade tools.

We know that there is no better epoxy product for your garage floor than EpoxyTech. Our epoxy paint bonds durable, thick and glossy. Our products are made in the United States and have a lifetime guarantee. Contact us today for special pricing quotes or to place an order.

Garage Floor Kit

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