Your garage floor is not supposed to be stained, dirty, and discolored. You can give it a good makeover and keep it looking new and gleaming. Moreover, you can use a floor coating that will tolerate just about any kind of abuse. And the best solution for this is the garage floor epoxy.

With epoxy, your garage floor will look absolutely stunning for several years to come. This is one of the most versatile, durable floor coating available today, and lots of homeowners have come to depend on it to create an attractive, practical garage. 

What is Epoxy Garage Floor? 

Most garage floors are simple, plain gray concrete. And these floors eventually become stained, turning that level concrete floor into an eyesore. With epoxy garage floor coating, you can transform your plain concrete floors into an attractive garage floor that adds years of service, stain resistance, and durability.

Epoxy garage floor coating improves your home and even increase the value of your property. While there are several different types of floor coatings on the market, epoxy coasting is commonly preferred for use in the residential garages and basements.

Garage Paints Vs. Garage Epoxies

It is important that you know the differences between garage paints and garage floor epoxies. Standard garage floor paints consist of a distinct component product, which can either be made in water-based or oil formats. Garage paints are usually used for ceiling and wall, so they are not suitable for heavy foot traffic floors.

Epoxy floor paints, on the other hand, usually consist of two components, with the first part being pigment/resin, and the second parts are the hardener. Just like epoxy glue, when you mix the two components together, they harden to create a very durable coating. However, this is based on using good quality epoxy.

Epoxy Resins is the Source of Epoxy’s Strength 

Thanks to the resins epoxy are created from, epoxy garage floor coatings are almost unfathomable. The distinctive chemistry of the molecules found in the epoxy resin makes this type of garage floor coating highly resistant to air, water, and chemical, as well as heat, petroleum products, and corrosive materials.

The epoxy’s adhesive abilities are also due to chemistry. So, the epoxy will adhere to the garage floor for a very long time, even with constant abuse and exposure to different elements. 

Variety of Color Options

Epoxy is a useful garage floor coating, but can also be striking as well. With epoxy floor coatings, there are several different color options you can choose from. Garage floor epoxy is available in an assortment of solid colors, and you can also go for a decorative chip floor coating. No matter the floor epoxy color you selected, you will be left with an impact-resistant and durable floor that looks brand new for years to come.

Learn More About Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

At EPOXY-COAT, we pride ourselves on providing quality garage floor epoxy kits that are one of its kind. We offer a wide range of products for both residential and commercial use. So, if you want to learn more about our product, and how to choose the best garage floor epoxy kits for your need, schedule your estimate today!


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