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Here are some pictures of my new "smoke-blue" garage floor. It has only been 2 days since I put it down and I am very happy with the way that it turned out. It looks great! I appreciate you and the other people that answered my many questions at Epoxy-Coat. You all were very helpful.

Thanks again,
T. Strupp
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Received the 'touch-up' kit and it worked perfectly. I am so pleased with the results, as it looks incredible. There is NO comparison between this and the 'other' brands that I have seen.........this is far superior! Many neighbors have come around to see it, so I am hopeful that you will hear from them soon too. Thank you again for all your is appreciated.

I am sending you some 'before and after' photos in the taupe color so you can see for yourself the results. More will be included in 2 other e-mails, following this one with other 'shots'. Feel free to send them out to others and/or have them contact me directly. All I can say is positive comments about you, your company and your product.

All the best,
George Prattes
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Hi Jamie,

The epoxy floor is finished! Thanks to all of you for a great product. We started at 8AM (90 degrees temp) and finished at 1:30PM (94 degrees temp). I gotta tell you at those temps that epoxy doesn't provide much of a work window but I went into the work with that in mind so all was well. I just thought you might like to see the result of a job.

Thanks again,
Tom Hagerman
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Hey Jamie,

Your product directions were straightforward. The application of them, along with your product were actually quite simple. Epoxy Coat, and the results of using it, were brilliant. My daughter's room came out amazing! So amazing that I have two garage floor requests in the spring.

Thank you so much,
Philipe Landru
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Attached are 3 photos of the garage project I did using Epoxy Coat product. Having never used a product like this before, I was not sure if I could achieve the great looking results that I saw on your website. I was very happy with the way it turned out. I would use and recommend your product again. Thanks.
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What a nice job!

Just finished assisting a friend of mine (Peter Murray) who bought one of your kits and we are impressed. We did not expect the results we achieved with your product. Preparation was the important part. After that we tackled the epoxy the next morning and within a matter of hours we were finished and ready to eat lunch off of the garage floor. You have an excellent product and your instructions are excellent.

P.S. Have attached a few photos for your use.
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