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View a large collection of pictures with our epoxy coat gallery here. Nothing will get the message across quite like seeing the results for yourself, and we know you will appreciate the drastic changes floors can go through with the proper treatment. From home garages to warehouses to offices and more, epoxy can revitalize a floor and make it shine, all while offering a great protective coat to prevent further wear. See the impact for yourself!

You can see the huge difference our products make with our epoxy coat gallery. We have before and after pictures from several projects so you can see the change firsthand. We have transformed garages, warehouses, and more with ease. Old, chipped and cracked concrete can be unsightly and drag down the atmosphere of your entire space. Applying a great coat takes just a few hours, and will bring your floor back to looking like it is brand new. This will give you that clean, professional look you have been craving, without needing to spend a fortune or work for days.

At the Port Huron Michigan Welcome Center (currently the only Michigan Welcome Center to have one!)

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The result of our floor project was STUNNING. As you suggested, I rented a floor grinder, but used a carbide bit as our concrete was quite old (about 25 years). I got all the dust and grinding chips up and then swept again. After a little nervousness in not knowing what to expect, my helper and I got into a rhythm and we completed the 25 X 25 space in an hour and a half, right on target as predicted in the video. We projected needing 2 days for the whole project, from floor prep and profiling to painting and completion. We did the whole project in just under 12 hours. My General Manager was amazed and thrilled.. Even folks who have used other similar products were amazed at how much better this project looked. I have enclosed a before and after picture, but I am sure you get a bazillion of those. I highly recommend Epoxy-Coat.

Most sincerely,
P. Conroy
Assistant Manager
Regal Cinemas Westminster 9
Westminster, Maryland
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Hi Jenny,

As promised here the results of the epoxy floor. We are very, very happy with it and have had several neighbors come in and ask us how we did it.

I am giving them your email so they can contact you directly. You can use the pictures if you would like. Just let me know so I know where they may show up :-)

I am ordering half a kit of white epoxy as well, because I want to see if I can use it to paint tabletops! Know it may not work, but I have a good feeling about it.


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Hi, here are some photos of your product. We build emergency vehicles and after a lot of research we found that this was the best product for heavy vehicles or just light foot traffic. The main key was a clean floor which was easy since it was all mew concrete. You can use the pics for advertising if you wish. if you want i will have a ladder truck in soon also and could send you a pic of that as well. Maybe you could just put a little note provided by 911 Rapid Response....

Respond Safe,

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The Palace of Auburn Hills
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As you can see in our epoxy coat gallery, the applications for this product are limitless. From small offices and home garages to stadiums, any size project can be handled with a quality coat. This is a common way to boost the look of a floor, and you see it more often in your daily life than you might realize! This is because it is a quick and easy project that also provides quality, long lasting protection for your floors. Epoxy will ensure your space looks great year after year, and you can stop worrying about damage caused by liquid spills, abrasion, and chemicals.

We can help you get the best epoxy coat for your space in no time. If you have questions or need help with your next project, feel free to contact our expert support team. We can help you find the right choice for your building so that you can get the job done quickly and easily, without stressing. You will be enjoying beautiful, high-quality flooring in no time!

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