Get the Best Floor Epoxy Kit in the USA

The structural conditions of your company or business are essential for the excellent development of the operations. One of the critical elements is the floors. A smooth and productive process of your business depends on the quality of the coating and its characteristics. You will find different types of surfaces in the market, but the best option is to buy an excellent floor epoxy kit. You must know the characteristics of this product, and which are the best options in the market.

What Is an Epoxy Floor?

This type of coating is made from industrial resins, which consist of a base product and a drying element. By joining these two compounds and applying it, you get a surface with extraordinary quality, which will allow you to protect the original cover (usually concrete). For optimal results, it is better that you use a primer before applying the main product.

This type of flooring allows you to improve the conditions in which you will develop your business. Among them, you will increase the safety of your workers and your equipment. You will also cause a better visual impact in your facilities, which will help you keep your staff motivated and productive. The best covers in the market will protect the floor from spills, humidity, microorganisms, and impact for years to come.

Trust Performance Epoxy Kit: the Best of the Best

If you want to buy an extraordinary epoxy floor, the best option is Performance. Our products are made 100% in Michigan, USA, with the highest quality standards. We have more than 35 years in the epoxy coating industry, improving our processes and formulas to provide you with an exceptional product.

We use the best components in the market, which allows you to obtain a product for your floors that will not break or get damaged and will protect for 20+ years. When you buy Performance, you are purchasing the top of the industry, a quality that has been recognized by customers like Ford Motors, NASA, and the USA Navy, among others.

Performance Has the Best Floors On the Market for You

Our products are ten times better and more resistant than any other commercial option available. Buying Performance is an investment that will keep your floors protected and increase the value of your property. These are just three options of what we have for you:

  1. Good Full Kit: with this option, you will get a 9.7 MIL surface with light flakes. It is available in 17 colors and is ideal for basements, garages, wood inside, and commercial. It includes the application tools, and you can buy the primer and other components at a special price.
  2. Better Full Kit: provides 19.4 MIL surfaces, with medium flakes and clear coat. It also comes with application tools, and like all our options, you will get our lifetime guarantee. You can buy it in any of our 17 available colors.
  3. Best Full Kit: when you buy this product, you will get an extraordinary 43 MIL surface. You can coat surfaces such as basements, garages, sunrooms, and even driveways. The kit includes heavy flakes, a clear coat, and our premier poly coat.

Purchase the Top Floor Epoxy Kit

If you want a top-of-the-line epoxy floor, you’re in the right place. We are the number one company in America, and we have an exceptional product at the most competitive prices in the market. Register and enjoy $25 off your next order; we will be happy to assist you.

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