If you would like to optimize your simple garage floor, you may want to opt for an epoxy coating. The list of benefits epoxy coating offers is endless. However, selecting a color for your floor is a major challenge, since epoxy is available in several different colors.

Although choosing the best epoxy floor color for your garage may seem like a small detail or simple task, it might end up having a significant impact on the aesthetic of your floor, and garage as a whole. Besides, the color of your garage will also affect the amount of maintenance and cleaning you may have to do. So, how can you choose the best epoxy floor color for your garage?

Consider Usage

It is important to consider how to use your garage before choosing the color for your floor. For instance, if you park your car in your garage, you should choose an epoxy floor color that masks the tire marks and grease. In this case, opt for black or slate epoxy floor color, they are more suitable.

However, in the case you do woodwork in your garage, choose the color that is close to that of your sawdust so as to disguise the dust. Moreover, if you live in a place where the soil is near a beach or light-colored, you can go for a color that is white or something similar. 

Select a Color Based on Lighting 

You can select an epoxy floor color that compliments your garage lighting. For instance, if your garage has enough natural light, avoid going for a metallic concrete sealer because this type of color tends to reflect light. And this can cause your garage floor to give off blinding lights.

On the other hand, if your garage is poorly lit, light epoxy floor colors are more suitable. The light color will not only make your poorly lit garage reflects natural light but also look bigger than it actually is.

What Color Flows with your Home?

If you would like your house and garage floor to look connected, choose an epoxy floor color that matches or compliment your house paint. If you are finding it difficult to select a color that compliments or matches your home, contact Epoxy-Coat today, we can help you make the right decision. We have a wide variety of epoxy floor colors, so you are sure to see the one that meets your needs.

What is Your Maintenance Routine Like?

Though you can easily clean dirt on any epoxy garage floors, it is easier to see them on light color floors. So, light-colored epoxy garage floors need frequent maintenance. You will need to set aside time to clean your garage floor, so only select this if you have the time to keep it clean. However, if you won’t have the time, opt for darker floor colors, since they don’t need constant cleaning to look great. 

Choosing the Best Epoxy Floor Color for Your Garage

At Epoxy-Coat, we provide a wide variety of epoxy floor colors in several different patterns. Each of the epoxy garage floor coatings can be used to create the style you want for your garage. Contact us today for more information about our products and how we can help you pick the right color.


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