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Take a look at the new floor coating that offers a lifetime guarantee at an affordable price. Epoxy Coat is 10X more durable than the leading concrete coating and costs just 1.5X as much. You get a lot more for your money with Epoxy Coat and you’ll love the beautiful results.

Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial solution to your flooring problems, Epoxy Coat can help. As the #1 selling, high-performance epoxy kit, it’s the perfect solution for all your flooring needs, from your garage floor to the kitchen, laundry room, children’s play room, mud room, bathroom, basement or any other room inside or outside of your home. For commercial areas, Epoxy Coat is the only solution you can rely on.

Best of all, you can apply Epoxy Coat yourself in about 3 hours. If you thought you had to disrupt the traffic in the area where you were planning to apply your floor coating, you will probably be surprised to learn that it completely dries in about 12 hours. That means even heavy traffic can walk on or drive on your Epoxy Coat surface the following day! Consider a few of the other advantages of using Epoxy Coat:

- It would take fifteen of the competitor’s water based kits to equal the performance of one Epoxy Coat floor coating kit. That’s a lot of savings. The high durability and quality of Epoxy Coat provides many advantages over other sub-par products that are on the market today.

- Epoxy Coat is five times thicker than other brands and is even self-leveling, so you’ll enjoy the beautiful, sleek look of a smooth floor with no brush or roller marks. Superior thickness means you’ll have enough material to fill in rough concrete cracks and create a strong floor that will not peel. Epoxy Coat resists chemicals, liquid spills and tire abrasion and will look great after years and years of wear.

- You’ll need just a single kit and a single application to get the quality flooring you’re interested in, making it the best value on the market. A lot of research and innovation has gone into bringing you the most durable and reliable floor coating available. The same cannot be said of other products.

- The price of Epoxy Coat peer mil thickness is just $.057, the lowest of any product on the market today. This is due in part to its 100% solids Cycloaliphatic quality that leaves 100% of its material when dry. No shrinkage means you’ll get more for your money and will be left with great results.

Customers love the price of America’s premium floor coating that comes in 3 convenient sizes, including the 15 gallon standard or premium kit, 30 gallon standard or premium kit and 150 gallon contractor drum kit that comes in standard colors or in clear floor coating.

If you have any questions about Epoxy Coat, feel free to call a specialist at 800-841-5580 or visit online at Epoxy-Coat.com.

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