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Looking for a concrete paint that will perform up to your tough standards? Get ready to take a look at the #1 selling premium flooring coat in the US. Epoxy Coat outperforms all other products on the market today and costs less than anything else out there.

This is the durable and long lasting concrete paint you’ve been searching for. Epoxy Coat kits are ideal for your garage, basement, patio, kids’ play room, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen and even industrial and commercial concrete or wood floors. Customers agree that the applications are endless. Any floor can be revitalized to get a great new floor look that is both reliable and aesthetically appealing.

Thickness of concrete paint is of prime concern. You’ll notice when you apply Epoxy Coat that it’s 5X thicker than other, lesser quality products; as well, it offers 10X durability at only 1.5X the cost of other products. Epoxy Coat has undergone extensive research, testing and innovation so that the results you receive are reliable; in fact, Epoxy Coat is the only product on the market that offers a lifetime guarantee.

Home and business owners are looking for a product they can apply without having to hire a professional. The self-application aspect of Epoxy Coat is one of the reasons it’s the #1 selling high performance concrete paint available today. You can apply Epoxy Coat in just 3 hours; and best of all, you won’t be waiting around for days or even a week for it to dry, as your new floor will be completely dry and ready for heavy use in just 12 hours.

Safely use Epoxy Coat in any room in your home- there is no odor. Pour the perfect children’s play room floor where it will withstand even the toughest conditions your kids can throw at it. Pour a beautiful new garage floor that you’ll be driving on within one day. Epoxy Coat resists hot tire marks, chemicals, salt, liquid spills, oil and abrasion and offers the safety of its slip-resistance properties.

You’ll love the improved light reflectivity of your basement or garage floor that will seem to open up the floor plan and make the room look bigger and brighter instantly. If you’re tired of looking of your old, cracked or rough concrete floor, Epoxy Coat will deliver a beautiful, smooth and brand new looking result; it even fills in cracks and problem areas that are unsightly. Flake chips in the epoxy help to hide imperfections and add to the decorative look of the floor.

Get the most product for your money with the 100% solid Cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete paint that does not shrink when it dries. The volume you pour is the same volume you’ll experience when your floor dries. There’s nothing else on the market like Epoxy Coat.

Visit online at to learn more about the product, the price and the performance. We think you’ll be convinced it’s the only product that meets the tough demands of home and business owners alike. To speak with an expert from Epoxy Coat, please call 800-841-5580.

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Concrete Paint