Are you looking for a concrete floor coating that provides exceptional results at an affordable price? You’re going to love Epoxy Coat. It’s the #1 selling concrete coating on the market today and does it all in a single coat.

For both residential and commercial applications, Epoxy Coat is perfect. You may have been researching different types of epoxy products trying to gain a better understanding of what each brings to the table. You’ll find that nothing outperforms Epoxy Coat. Whether you’re looking at price, performance, durability or aesthetic appeal, Epoxy Coat outlasts, outshines, outperforms and under-prices them all.

Epoxy Coat kits are your best choice for garage, basement, patio, children’s play rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and even large commercial areas. If you’re interested in seeing for yourself the difference between the Epoxy Coat’s quality concrete floor coating and other products on the market, visit and take a look at the floor kit comparative analysis. Dollar for dollar, you’ll find that Epoxy Coat offers what no other concrete floor coating kit can.

Epoxy Coat provides 100% material by volume as compared with 30-40% with the competition. This is due to it being a 100% solid Cycloaliphatic epoxy product that does not shrink when dry. Other water-based products will lose as much as 70% of their volume due to evaporation, which is simply money thrown out the window. The thickness you pour is the same thickness you’ll see when Epoxy Coat is dry. That’s real value.

Consider that you would have to purchase 15 of the competing water based kits as compared to one Epoxy Coat concrete floor coating kit- and you couldn’t even get the same results. Why? Epoxy Coat offers a lifetime guarantee, virtually unmatched on the market today.

Customers love that Epoxy Coat is a self-applying, self-leveling product that takes only about 3 hours to apply. Other products need 2-3 coats and have to dry in between each coat for up to several days. Epoxy Coat is completely dry and ready to take on your highest traffic in just 12 hours! That’s right- a single coat of Epoxy Coat dries in 12 hours and is ready to stand up to a lifetime of use.

You’ll get the high-gloss, professional look you want at one of the lowest costs of product. Consider that Epoxy Coat costs just $.057 per mil of thickness, the power cost of any product on the market today. The benefits of using Epoxy Coat for your concrete floor coating are numerous and also include being slip resistant, oil, salt, chemical, hot tire mark and abrasion resistant, dust proof, highly reflective of light, easy to clean and of course, very simply to apply.

For more information on Epoxy Coat concrete floor coating, please call a specialist at 800-841-5580. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the appropriate size kit for your project. Concrete Floor Coating


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