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Epoxy Installation Tips

May 23, 2016 4:06:36 PM EDT

Whether you prefer to install it yourself or want us to do it for you, we give you all the tips to succeed.

Some of the most important aspects are removing any surface contaminants from the area you want to treat and creating a good rough surface that will allow the epoxy to easily adhere and stay put. Epoxy is the most effective and remains its thickness the best when the surface is as clean as possible. So sweep your floors as much as possible before starting our process. Old concrete floors typically have contaminants that must be removed before coating; you can fix that using a diluted degreaser with hot water. You can scrub them and have them properly prepared for the coating. Also, spray some water on the floors and allow them to dry, and then you can begin coating.

To start, mix part A and B together like it says in the booklet. Immediately after they’re mixed, begin applying the coating. After that, you should use the squeegee to help spread it out. Then the kit roller will help even it out to perfection, do it in that exact order for best results. After a few other easy tasks, you will be ready to throw the kit flakes into the coating. Only throw a small amount at a time and, at least, five feet high. You can use aluminum oxide to make it more slip-resistant, but it could make it harder to clean. You want to let it dry for at least to 18-24 hours, but can be affected by temperatures. Full chemical resistants can take up to three days, just be cautious with it. All of these Epoxy installation tips should give you all the information you need to do it successfully.

Our epoxy is chemically resistant, odor-free, and the entire process is easy to follow. We give you all the tools and tips you need to do it yourself without experiencing issues. If you happen to buy a kit, they all come with an instructional booklet and DVD to make the process even easier.

How to Apply Epoxy on Linoleum

May 23, 2016 3:36:29 PM EDT

When it comes to putting epoxy on linoleum floors, there are numerous steps to take to maximize quality and efficiency. Many evaluate alternatives when it comes to using epoxy, and whether or not they have to tear up their current floors. If you’re planning on using epoxy on linoleum, you shouldn’t have to do that. As long as the floor is still safely attached to the concrete, you can put the coating over the top of it easily. There are many different tools you can to do prep your floor for adhesion. Here are some ideas that we recommend.

You must always clean the floor before using epoxy. But we think it’s a good idea to examine your floor and make sure it’s in good condition. That way if there are any scratches or damage, you can fix it before starting the entire process. The 2nd step should be to scrub your floors carefully with a high-quality scrub brush and a heavy duty cleaner. This will get rid of any remaining grease or grime that is potentially leftover. After this the surface still could appear glossy, if that’s the case, you should use a wax stripper to remove the final layer of protective wax. The next step would be to sand the floors aggressively, as this will create the ideal, rough profile that all epoxy needs. This will remove any traces of wax or anything affecting the surface for the paint. You should also inspect your flooring to ensure it is bonded well. After that, you can pick out your own unique color, and apply the primer. We recommend applying as many coats as it needs to create a smooth surface for painting linoleum. After that, you can paint the floors using a roller and apply our epoxy coating.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to do epoxy on linoleum. Paying a professional shouldn’t be necessary, depending on the shape your floors are in. We have laid out a simple, step by step process that anyone can follow effectively. Having the right tools and resources at your disposal is crucial. We are here to help provide all the knowledge and skills you need to use epoxy effectively!

Solid Epoxy vs. Water Based Epoxy

May 23, 2016 3:28:26 PM EDT

When it comes to purchasing epoxy floor coating, deciding what type of product to use is the most important decision. There are several options, whether it’s 100% solid epoxy, water based, or solvent based, there are plenty of choices. Each choice offers its set of unique features that set it apart from the others. When it comes to making a decision, most buyers look at solid epoxy versus water based epoxy. They need to evaluate what they’re looking for, and what features suit their needs. Whether that’s cost, durability, or the fact you may want a professional to do it, there are many aspects to consider.

If you’re a recent home buyer and think you may live in this home for the rest of your life, you should invest in solid epoxy. This is the most durable, quality solution that professionals recommend. This type of flooring can last up to 20 years if you take good care of it. It has the strength to fight off hot tire marks, abrasions, and chemical reactions like oil and grease.

Water based epoxy is more designed as a sealer since it spreads out much thinner than a solid one. It doesn’t have the same amount of durability and resistance as a solid one but is easier to set up and will save you money. It is more ideal for a temporary home or something you don’t see yourself in for the next 10-20 years. It will provide a smooth, glossy finish, which can protect against everything solid epoxy does, just not to the same degree. Both are considered reliable options when you’re evaluating your epoxy choices. You should always look into the features when evaluating solid epoxy versus water based epoxy.

Depending on your budget, living situation, and what you’re trying to do with your space, we’re confident you will make the right choice. Both choices will definitely make your floors shine and look incredible. Carefully evaluate your needs when looking into solid epoxy versus water based epoxy. If you’re looking to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, we can provide the knowledge and tools you need.

Prepping An Epoxy Floor

May 23, 2016 3:22:55 PM EDT

When it comes to prepping an already painted epoxy floor for another coat, the process can be very different than first applying epoxy to your floors. There are many things to consider before you decide to go through with it. If your existing epoxy coating is showing signs of wear and damage, you don’t want to use epoxy over it. In that case, it would be better to remove the old coating by grinding the floor. If your epoxy floors show signs of delamination, this is the best choice to make. But if it’s still in decent shape, we recommend using a new coat of epoxy on an already painted epoxy flooring space.

The most important factor for the new coat is creating a rough surface for the new epoxy to properly adhere to it. This can be achieved by using an orbital sander, you want to rough up the surface, not damage or remove it. You could also use a floor buffer, which is more suitable for covering a lot of space. These two options will get the job done. Once you’re done with that, you can sweep up the thick stuff and vacuum the floor, then use a denatured alcohol on a towel and wipe down the surface area. It is essential to have these tools and resources to effectively prep your already painted epoxy flooring.

The most important step is making sure you wipe down the floor with a high quality denatured alcohol. This will remove all dust particles and dirt, which will ensure the surface is clean and ready for the epoxy coating. This process takes fewer steps than an original epoxy coating. Most of the tough work for that isn’t necessary for re-coating an already painted epoxy flooring space.

Just like every other epoxy task, prepping the floor is extremely important. If it isn’t done correctly, the epoxy won’t adhere to maximize it’s potential. It will look and perform better under the right circumstances. We want to make sure we give you the tips, tools, and resources needed to perform this task effectively.

Top Coat vs. No Top Coat

May 23, 2016 3:18:10 PM EDT

Many people are always evaluating choices when it comes to deciding between applying a top coat, or to let it be. We highly recommend applying a clear top coat to your epoxy floor. When we think “why apply a top coat to epoxy floors?” There are several reasons why we should. There are several useful benefits and it is very affordable. So really the question you should be asking yourself or your contractor, is why wouldn’t we use a top coat? We will discuss the important benefits so you can expand your knowledge on epoxy floors.

Most people realize that the toughest part of using epoxy is prepping the floors for it. Once you’re past that, the rest is effortless. So why wouldn’t you be willing to do one extra task to give it stronger durability and a better-looking floor? That’s why we highly recommend applying a top coat to your floors. Simply doing that will provide more durability and wear, which will reduce hot tire lift and other impacts. The clear coat adds an extra layer of protection, which protects the original color coat you put down. It will help be more resistant to chemical and oil spills that typically happen with a car.

When you’re thinking, “why apply a top coat to epoxy” just remember that this will make it easier to clean. This will save time and money for you in the long run. It also creates a glossier finish that will create more light and really make your space stand out. The bottom line is that it provides so many benefits, just by simply adding a top coat. Whether you need it to hide scratches or damage your kids made to the garage floor, it will do it all!

Stop asking yourself why apply a top coat to epoxy, the answer is simple. You get a better-looking floor that will perform better and last longer over the years. Learn everything you need to know to perfect your epoxy floors here at Epoxy-Coat.

How to Apply Epoxy on Tile

May 23, 2016 3:10:58 PM EDT

Tiles have always been a popular floor choice. When you’re moving into a new home and want to make changes to get the floors you want, many always wonder if putting epoxy on tile is safe and effective. While the main concern is adhesion, we do believe you can get the floors you want. Some floor tiles have glossy materials, which makes it difficult to bond with the epoxy. Some tiles also include a sealer. Before applying, make sure to sand or diamond ground the tile prior to coating. Another thing to consider is the grout lines, which can be contaminated if it’s in an area of grease or oil, like a kitchen. In some situations, you may need to remove the tiles completely. Putting epoxy over the tile also works, you have many decisions to make in this process.

Another idea you can do is to apply a primer which allows for the epoxy coating to adhere to the floor without ruining the color of the tile. If you’re looking to change the color of the tile, using a white primer will safely allow you to do that. Before this step, you need to clean and prepare the floor, which is always the most important task for putting epoxy on tile. Without a proper cleaning, the materials won't mix effectively. Whether you’re putting epoxy over the tile floor, or ripping it out and starting from scratch, it works both ways.

A tile floor is more susceptible to water damage and broken tiles, so a high-quality epoxy coating could make it more durable over the years. It’s certainly an investment worth taking, it will make your floors stand out and perform better over time. Many are cautious when it comes to putting epoxy on tile. We understand your concerns, which is why we are here to help make the process easier for you. Whether you’re a DIY kind of person or not, anyone can safely and effectively apply our epoxy floor coating. We will give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to get it done!

When To Use Epoxy

May 23, 2016 3:07:14 PM EDT

Epoxy is suitable for all residential and commercial areas. Whether you want to perfect your dream garage, or finish out your basement, it’s suitable for many different situations. If you keep thinking, when to use epoxy, the time is now. It’s easy to apply, and will provide a smooth, but durable floor that will last a lifetime. Epoxy is also smart to use to complete your industrial or commercial floors. Whether it’s a factory or mechanic shop, it will look and perform well in all areas.

Popular applications include showrooms, retail facilities, schools, and food preparation areas. Garage floors are very popular because our materials resist tire marks, abrasion resistant, and require little maintenance over the years. It can instantly transform ugly, or just a basic looking cement floor, into something unique and creative. With the various options of colors and styles, we can easily provide exactly what you need. With custom blends and colors, you can definitely create the “wow” factor with your flooring.

There are several places that are suitable when you’re trying to think “when to use epoxy?” It is one of the most popular applications for commercial, industrial, and residential flooring solutions. The durability is the most important factor, once you set up your epoxy, it will last a very long time. It will look fantastic, and feel smooth on your feet. There is truly nothing comparable to it on the market today.

Whether you want to use it on your patio, garage, or basement, we encourage you to do it all. Using epoxy will save you money in the long run when you’re evaluating the alternatives, like hardwood, or even carpet. It requires little to no maintenance over the years, it will look spectacular for years to come. If you keep wondering when to use epoxy, we recommend doing it right away. It’s suitable for several different locations in your home, or commercial space. It has been proven to be affordable and effective for all.

DIY Projects

May 23, 2016 1:57:09 PM EDT

When it comes to DIY projects using epoxy, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you want to perfect your bar or counter top, or simply using it to create a table, there are tons of creative projects you can do. DIY projects are always fun to plan and develop over time. Using epoxy resin can truly make your work stand out. Whether it’s for an accessory in your house, jewelry, or your floors. There are many different ways that it can be used effectively to enhance the quality of anything you have in mind.

The use of epoxy can make anything shine, and help protect it in the long run. Whether it’s for a jewelry case, table, or your kitchen counters, it works in all areas of your house. Mastering the process of epoxy can improve the quality of several DIY projects that you want to tackle. We encourage all homeowners to take on different DIY tasks that could make their home stand out. Whether you’re looking to improve the value of it, or just simply add some creative art that matches your taste, there are several reasons to complete these projects.

There are endless possibilities and creations you can perfect using epoxy. We invite you to explore your creative side to see out the potential for some high-quality DIY projects. Ideal for bracelets, crafts, tables, floors, and much more, learning how to use epoxy and resin is extremely important. If you call yourself a craftsman and love taking on new challenges, this is the way to go. You can learn how to do everything yourself, no matter how difficult the task is. You will save money from paying someone to do it, and having the pride to tell your peers you created something amazing.

There is nothing like perfecting your own, homemade project. Using our epoxy can help improve the quality of your work.

Epoxy Coat Concrete

May 23, 2016 1:52:32 PM EDT

If you’re wondering how to epoxy coat a concrete floor, we will tell you everything you need to know to do it effectively. When we’re done, we promise you will have this important task down to a science. There are many steps to take when starting the process. The first is remove all surface contaminants by sweeping the floor, then scrub your floor using a diluted degreaser and hot water. Once you scrub this area vigorously, you should put one quart of floor prep solution mixed with hot water. This provides the necessary premix to cover the 500 square feet needed. The most important part of the process is removing contaminants and creating a profile before coating, or your new coating will not adhere correctly.

The next step is mixing part A with part B and getting the right measurements. We recommend to measure by volume and don’t mix more epoxy coat than you can apply in 15 minutes. Mixing it thoroughly is crucial to the coating working successfully. Using our brushes, squeegee, and backroll, you can create the perfect amount of coating for your floors. Then you can throw the flakes into the air evenly, and only flake a section after the 2nd backroll is complete. Be sure to throw the flakes at least 5 feet or higher, to ensure it spreads evenly and effectively. Throw small amounts, you can even throw it off the ceiling if you would like.

Bubbles can be present because of the outgassing from the concrete. If this occurs, we recommend taking a leaf blower to blow the top of the surface to relieve the tension and pop the bubbles. Our products are thicker than others, which requires them to dry for at least 18 hours from foot traffic, and 24 hours from heavy traffic like cars or other vehicles. This process can be easier than you would think. Paying a professional isn’t necessary anymore, we will teach you how to epoxy coat a concrete floor in no time.

If you thought you could never see yourself doing this, now you can tell everyone you know how to epoxy coat a concrete floor like a professional. With our quality solutions and guidance, you can create the floor of your dreams.

Epoxy Colors

May 23, 2016 1:42:01 PM EDT

When it’s time to decide on what epoxy colors you want to use for your kitchen countertops, there are many different ways you can go. Making your kitchen stand out and look beautiful isn’t easy. It takes the perfect combination of lighting, brilliant ideas, and creativity. For your epoxy colors, you want to get something that goes well with the walls and cabinets. Choosing the right colors for your space can make your kitchen pop, and give off a sense of elegance and sophistication.

We’ve got a wide variety of standard and custom base colors that can meet the wants and needs of any homeowner. The kitchen is an important place in your home, you will spend a lot of time here. It’s important to get the right color to go with the rest of the accessories, tables, and cabinets in your space. Don’t be afraid to pick colors that are neutral, but versatile in many ways.

The right combination of the ideal epoxy color and creative lighting can give your kitchen a one of a kind look. Whether you need a color to match a backsplash, kitchen floors, or cabinets, we’ve got all the epoxy colors you need to perfect your project. You can put together the perfect creation using our expertise of interior design and epoxy colors. The right combination of unique colors, light fixtures, and many other tools can make your kitchen the best room in the house. When you are deciding on what colors to use, be sure to take into account every other color you have used throughout the house. You want to keep it somewhat close to the rest of the house, so the entire concept of the house and your space matches.

Epoxy Coat for Patios

May 23, 2016 12:51:56 PM EDT

We can easily protect and improve your patio or walkways with our products. Our epoxy coat for patios will look absolutely incredible outside your home. Whether you want to build a beautiful walkway to your house, or a lovely patio for a nice afternoon, we can help you accomplish it. All of our choices will last you many years thanks to the amazing durability it has to offer. It is thicker and stronger than any other solution you will find in the industry today.

No matter what you plan on doing on your patio, our products will help them look sharp for many years. We will help give you the best-looking patio and house in the entire neighborhood. We epoxy coat for patios available in many different colors so you can find exactly what matches the exterior of your house. Whether you want that dreamy porch swing set on your patio, or one strong enough to handle chemicals from your pool, we have all the solutions you desire. The most important thing is to clean the surface vigorously before you start the process. Epoxy works best when your surface is completely clean. You also want the surface to be dry when applying the coating, at least, 6 hours. Once you mix part A and B, immediately starting spreading it on the floor, don’t wait. You can use the squeegee to even out the wet epoxy; then you can even it out with the kit roller. It’s best if the process is done in that exact order. Be sure to keep an eye out on the weather, so you don’t start any tasks in the rain if the surface needs to stay dry. All of these materials come with the kits we have to offer. Our non-slip materials will give you a safe, but beautiful looking patio. You can get all of this thanks to our effortless, simple process that is easy for anyone to follow. This do it yourself project can easily be finished in no time. After that, you can show off your brand new patio!

Here at Epoxy-Coat, we are committed to innovating and developing groundbreaking solutions. Our team of experts are constantly coming up with great new ideas and products that we are excited to show you. After you use our epoxy coat for patios, you can get your dream patio.

Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

May 23, 2016 12:47:40 PM EDT

Whether you need to cover a small or large space in your house, our epoxy basement floor coating will get the job done. Our products are extremely durable and made of the highest quality materials. After your floors are done, you won’t be regretting your decision to buy from us. All of our choices are USDA approved and are antimicrobial. We can build out your dream basement with all of the choices we have to offer.

We four standard basecoat color options. They include beige with beige blend, taupe with beige blend, gray with blue blend, and gray with gray blend. They all look spectacular, but depending on the space you already have, one will definitely suit it better than others. We will help you discover which choice will make your space stand out the best. Our epoxy basement floor coating options are all easy to apply, and you can do everything on your own. You can tell all your friends and family that you built the basement you’ve always wanted with your hands. We give you every tool and resource you need to successfully do it yourself. You will never have to replace your floors ever again when you use our products. The final product will definitely blow you away; you won’t regret your purchase.

Our products work for any floor surfaces, whether that be your garage or basement. The process is all the same for these floors, and it is easy to apply. It works incredibly well for any surface; it doesn’t matter if you need it for your garage or basement. It will give you the results and finish you’re looking for. We have the most reliable choices and DIY kits on the market. You can depend on us.

Our epoxy basement floor coating kits and products are simply the very best. We can easily help you build the basement you’ve always wanted and help maximize the potential of your house. When you combine our quality with the unbelievable value to go along with it, you won’t be able to turn us down.


Garage Flooring

May 20, 2016 9:26:23 PM EDT

It’s important to have the most durable material for your Garage flooring.  Epoxy-Coat will do that for you, our solutions come with a lifetime warranty and are much stronger than any of the competitors.  Your garage floors need to be able to take a beating and still look smooth.  After all, your cars will constantly be on them, as well as many other potentially damaging items.  We give you everything you need to have the best performing floors for your garage.

Not only can you get the best performing garage, but you can also get the best-looking surface with our options.  We give you tons of choices so you can design the garage of your dreams and pick out the colors and coat that works perfectly.  Our Garage flooring choices are also easy to install and require almost no maintenance over time.  With some other surfaces, you could be more worried about how they look.  With garage surfaces, you want to always get the strongest, most durable solutions.  That’s what we have to offer, with affordable price as well.  You can get the best, without paying top dollar, what’s better than that?

You can design your floors in your own manner with our various choices of colors.  If you’re passionate about DIY projects, this could also be one you could have fun with.  Our kits come with instructional booklets and DVDs, that way you can do it the way our professionals prefer.  Whether you feel like tackling this project on your own or having one of our experts do it, you will be satisfied.  Garage flooring is extremely important; we will make sure you love how yours looks and performs.

Here at Epoxy-Coat, we specialize in creating the best garage floors and surfaces that perform well under any circumstances. Our materials are the strongest, and most durable, nobody even comes close. You can experience the transformation of your garage with our products and solutions. Together, we will help you get the garage you’ve always wanted!


Phase II for Epoxy Floor Coating Preparation and Application

Final Acid Etching, Patching Holes and Epoxy Application: The hard part is now completed. You have tested the concrete, cleaned and degreased it, and profiled it with a chemical / acid etch or by diamond grinding.

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How to get the best concrete coating for your garage or basement floors

Applying a beautiful finish to your garage or basement can improve the value of your home and give you years of enjoyment. The concrete in your floors may have many unique conditions that need to be addressed to get the best results. We have developed the following steps to help you in the all-important preparation process. While it may seem complicated, if you take your time and follow each step, you will avoid problems and end up with a great job!

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