Advantages of Epoxy Coat

We will help you understand the many advantages of epoxy coat so you can decide if it’s the solution you’re looking for in your space.  Our formula is unlike any other, especially the water based epoxies that don’t compare.  Those lose 60-70 percent of thickness instantly after drying while ours doesn’t lose any. Our coat has ten times the durability of most standard water based products, and five times as much thickness.  Giving you the best-looking floors that will last you a lifetime.


Versatility is one of the most important advantages of epoxy coat; we strongly believe that. It can work on many different floors and spaces. Our epoxy coat is easy to apply and can help you have the best-looking garage in your neighborhood. It’s not easy to provide the best quality and the convenience of setting it up and using it. That’s the significant advantage we have to offer to all of our customers, with affordable prices to go with it. When you combine all of that together, you have many advantages that many others can’t offer. It’s also not easy to find the epoxy along with the kits we have to offer. Most just come with epoxy, and you have to buy the tools separately. We offer a convenient kit that provides you everything you need to do it yourself, also for an affordable price. Our instructional booklet will lay out the entire process for you; you won’t have any issues understanding the methods that we recommend.

One kit can cover up to 500 feet, which is typically enough for a 2.5 car garage. Another advantage we have is the basecoat and flake color options. With tons of choices that vary in style and colors, you can find the perfect combination for your space. We have everything you need to get a high performing surface, no matter where you’ve always wanted your epoxy floors, we can get it done.

You will quickly see that we offer many distinct advantages that nobody else can come close to on the market. Experience all the advantages of epoxy coat for yourself and you can have the floors you have always wanted!

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